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Pet Sitting Services

Not every pet is the same. Some like to play in groups; others prefer one-on-one attention. Some like a scratch behind the ear; others prefer belly rubs - no problem. We understand and strive to meet your (and their) every need. It doesn't matter if they have fur, feathers, fins, or scales, we can customize any service to fit your request.

We happily email or text updates daily or after each visit, so you have peace of mind knowing all is well while you are away. We also leave detailed care summaries to let you know how your furry friend did in our care.

All services include a free 30 minute initial consultation to get to know you and your pets.


We will only care for pets that are current on their vaccines. This is for the protection of your animals as well as ours.

Many, many thanks for your exceptional care of our animals – they greatly appreciate it! Having them in your care eases my mind while I’m away! – D.F.

Call for Pet Sitting Fees
30 Minute, Hour & Custom Visits Available

Mid Day Dog Walk/Potty Breaks

Dogs are walked for 20 minutes in your neighborhood or turned out in your fenced yard.

  •   Fresh food and water
  •   Clean up accidents
  •   Exercise, play or cuddle the furry ones
  •   Administer medications
  •   Pet clean-ups / litter box maintenance
  •   Bring in mail/paper
  •   House check
  •   Water plants

Customized Services

We can customize a visit to meet your needs.

Pet Taxi

We can drop off and/or pick up your pet at the vet, groomer or trainer (within our service area).  Please call for rates.


If it is necessary to cancel a scheduled service, please contact The Go to Girls of SC, LLC as soon as possible. Failure to contact The Go to Girls of SC, LLC of a cancellation prior to a visit may result in a cancellation fee. Exceptions may be made for emergency situations.

After Hours Visits

Add $5 to visits that require scheduling between 8:00 pm & 7:00 am.


We accept cash or checks.  There will be a $35 fee for returned checks.