The Go To Girls



About Us


Laura is a life-long horse owner and animal lover.  She has a B.S. in Agricultural Economics with a Minor in Animal Science from Clemson University.  Laura and her off the track Thoroughbred mare, Never Tell, dabble in dressage, compete in hunter paces and trail ride.

Laura is a USUI Reiki Master and enjoys sharing the healing benefits of Reiki with animals and people, as well as educating people about Reiki.  She has worked with Bruce Andersons' Nature's View system and attended numerous workshops and clinics to build and enhance her skills and knowledge.

Laura shares her farm, Three Cedars, with five horses, a donkey, a llama, two sheep, two regular dogs and a Saint Bernard, two house cats, some chickens and quite a few barn cats.


Trixy brings 20 years experience as a horse trainer and four years as an equine veterinary assistant to the business.  She has trained with Buck Brannaham, Martin Black and Ron McLoughlin and assisted with instruction in numerous colt starting and ground handling clinics.  Trixy recently attended a TTouch Training Clinic and is currently pursuing her interest in Reiki.  She is also trained in Mounted Search and Rescue and has participated in the South Carolina Military Caisson Detachment.

She shares her farm, Angel Haven, with a demanding parrot, four dachshunds, five cats, a mule, a llama, a milk cow, some chickens, guineas, ducks, a Poitou donkey, seven horses and her husband, Larry.

Thanks so much Laura! Everybody is doing fine. It was so nice to go away and not worry about our animals because I know you love animals as much as I do. –B.B.

References available upon request